Welcome to AcoustiScrew TM The Acoustic Soundproofing Screw.

AcoustiScrew TM is soundproofing and vibration damping fixing screw.

To Install make a pilot hole and then screw the AcoustiScrew TM in for best results. 

The Vibration & Tranzmissional Noise caused from normal screws can be very detrimental to the performance of your soundproofing. The Vibrations from AcoustiScrew TM Could reduce the vibration & Tranzmissional Noise of sound considrably.

It might even be the reason your system may not have past part e building regs. In some cases the transmission Noise could cause sound problems enough to allow the sound to transfer from the screw through the soundproofing to the outside layer.

AcoustiScrew Helps to stop the tranzmission of sounds & minimize vibrations.  
Normal Screws
When used in construction will transmit Noise & Vibrations causing negitive effects to your soundproofing products.



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